A Wide Selection of Christian and Biblical-Themed Books


“While He Is Near”

Synopsis: The simple story of one convict getting off parole and the story of his life as he attempts to turn it all around and follow God. Andrew Kelchek became a born-again Christian in prison and now has the chance to serve his Lord, instead of serving himself.

The town of Hood, South Dakota is a small, uptight town that lacks a heart for the poorer people; Andy’s heart is big enough for all. He wants to help and, despite becoming embroiled in a series of murders, lives a victorious life and makes an impact on the people’s lives he touches.

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“Hell, I’m No Angel”

Synopsis: This book tells the story of a serial killer in San Francisco in the early 2000′s. Niles Galleal lives and works in Silicon Valley. He is an enemy of society and all that is good, including God.

Yet, God does not let him go, He has a plan for him. A plan that will change history and save lives. A plan that makes us take a close, honest look at what it means when we examine ourselves and find ourselves wanting. This story spans his entire life and the beginnings of his afterlife.

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Synopsis: UFOs have been reported for decades. Some people have gone so far as to search historical records and artworks of ancient civilizations for evidence of their existence and visitation in times past. And they have found clues that seem to show this.

Are they really here? Are they our benefactors or our worst enemies? And if so, why?

Giles Ryleigha, a senior scientist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories pursuing his own research, and his ex-wife, Carol Kilha, have found more answers to these questions than they ever wanted to know.

Caught in the cover-up of a system-wide crime spree and kidnapping, sought by alien assassins, as well as the FBI, and teamed with some of the strangest-looking, friendly races to befriend mankind that you will ever meet, take a journey with humans and aliens as they go on a journey and find out that the galactic neighborhood is a whole lot bigger than they ever thought.

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Synopsis: In the beginning, Mickey Trudeax had been just a San Francisco street cop. With aspirations of becoming a detective, he and his partner were pushed into the spotlight to hunt for a serial killer that was rampaging through the city. Eventually, they got their man.

Yet, life becomes more difficult as they fight violence in the gang-controlled drug and murder trade. When Mickey’s brother runs into trouble as he works for the TDR, the San Francisco street gang controlling all of the West Coast’s drug trade, Mickey seeks revenge and ends up getting more than he bargained for.

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“Let Not Man Put Asunder”

Synopsis: Danny and Donny Ronson are identical twin brothers. They have always been close, extraordinarily so. At Stanford University, they decided to take part in a test on campus being run by the psychology department. Little did they know it would change their lives forever.

Having scored so high that it is beyond the wildest dreams of the department, the boys attract the attention of the US Government. And that’s when things get really exciting. The CIA wants to use them as covert spies, and they want no part of it. So now, they are running for their lives.

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Synopsis: In 2019, the United States of America has outlawed Christianity, declaring it to be a hateful, intolerant religion. By 2025, the United States Church has gone underground, following the lead of China. Now, the underground church is left to battle their most powerful enemy: Islam.

How do the Islamic extremists plan to take over the world and make it a Caliphate protectorate? Self-sacrificing violence does not seem to be working but only to be solidifying world opinion against them. If it only weren’t for Christianity and Jesus Christ, the Christian’s figurehead.

What if there were a way to make Jesus Christ just disappear from the pages of history? Without his impact on the world, just how far could Islam go in conquering and ruling the world to make it one united Caliphate?

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